Panettone di Paros

Locally Sourced Ingredients  

The Traditional Christmas Dessert ... handcrafted

Traditional Citrus Fruit Panettone with Raisins...
...Chocolate Panettone
                                             ... and Coffee Panettone

Every time it's like a dream...

Chef Massimiliano Ruocco makes panettone with sourdough, candied fruit from our garden, fresh eggs, Naxos butter, Madagascar vanilla ... with a two-day leavening

20 days of night and day production

As happened for mozzarella ... The idea of ​​Gianluca and Massimiliano is to use the wonderful products of Paros, transforming them according to the art and tradition of Italian cuisine.

Fresh fruit from Paros, candied by us

The strength of our Panettone is in the fact that it is made with love. Each ingredient is made by us. We do not use industrial products. Massimiliano and Gianluca ... pick the oranges, mandarins and lemons and process them